Liability Waiver

Last updated 2018-06-26

Below are the written contents of NordicFuzzCon's liability waiver. All attendees are required to sign this waiver when signing in at the actual convention.

1. The convention NordicFuzzCon is organized by NordicFuzzCon, a non-profit organization registered in Sweden. Except for liabilities required by Swedish law, the organizers will not be responsible for any damage done by or to me. In no event shall NordicFuzzCon be liable for losses or damages occurring outside the hotel premises. NordicFuzzCon does not accept any liability resulting from loss or damage of property.

2. I agree to be bound by the "Rules of Conduct" as given on the web page.

3. I agree to be bound by the Photography and Video rules as given in the "Rules of Conduct". In particular, I hereby grant NordicFuzzCon the exclusive right to commercial use of any photographs, film, or audio recordings made by me at the convention, with the exception of recordings made in private hotel rooms. I retain non-commercial fair use rights.

4. I agree to be bound by the rules for Weapons, Look-Alikes, and Dangerous Items as given in the "Rules of Conduct". I declare that I did not bring any weapons that are illegal under Swedish law, and that I will show any weapons or look-alikes I brought to ConOps upon check-in.

5. I agree to follow instructions by the organisers, security, or hotel staff. Sanctions for non-compliance may range from a friendly reminder to an indefinite ban from the convention. I accept that there will be no refund (neither full nor partial) of convention and hotel fees if I am expelled from the convention due to failure to follow the rules.